5 important layout/design rules your website should follow:

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5 important layout/design rules your website should follow:

1. Clutter free and Minimalistic

Be honest: How many of us are reading a website from the beginning to the end? Normally we scan over a website trying to find the keywords we are looking for. If we easily find them, we will go and read further, if not, we just move on to the next one. If a website is organized with headings and subheadings, images and call to action, we more likely find what we are looking for and willing to stay on the page longer. Images and Icons make it easy to scan and helps your customer to quickly find what they need.

2. Visual Hierarchy

You will have only seconds to catch your client’s attention. Visual hierarchy created through images, headlines, colors and contrast is necessary to convince your clients reading further. Dividing your content in different sections, starting with the most important on the top and the less important additional information on the bottom, will make it easier for your client to go were they want to.
Visual Hierarchy

3. Easy to read…

A website which is well organized, has visual contrast but text written in a crazy font, makes it hard to read. You may like the font, but you have to think about the purpose of this important content and make it easy to read. Use fancy fonts in graphics and special headlines only. Use bold and italic or a bigger font size to focus on parts of your content text.

4. Simple Navigation

We all have experienced it. We are on a website and don’t know how to find the contact, the phone no. or going back to the homepage… Sometimes it gets so bad, that we just leave the page and look for something else. Staying with common structures are better than being overly creative, e.g. link your logo to the home page. Use the top navigation for your general site navigation and add "Call to Action" buttons for specific links where it is necessary or appropriate.
Simple Navigation

5. Keep it mobile friendly

Look at your website with all your different devises. Does it still look good? Is it easy to navigate? Are the images big enough to make sense? Even if you are a business-to-business company, don’t underestimate the usage of mobile devises.
If you need help to get your website evaluated and adjust some of your layouts, G-Graphic Solutions is happy to help to make your website more user friendly. Give us a call today: 407-494-6166 for a free estimate. We are looking forward to working with you.