New Web Design Trends in 2019 – #2
September 6, 2019
Web Design Trends 2020

As we already approaching November and 2020 is just around the corner, I want to give you an overview of some web design trends in 2020.

Adaptive Design

Everybody was talking about responsive design, which makes all websites easy to access no matter what devise you are using. In 2020 lets go a step further. A website does not only have to have easy access from all devises, it should be appealing on all screens. Furthermore, we will look at mobile screens first. Internet sites are now visited more from a mobile devise than from a desktop or laptop.

Video adding

Nothing new actually from 2019, but it just became a little bit more important to include videos on your page. Videos they actually explain your product, show your product and convince your visitors to buy your product.
Nowadays people don’t have the time to scroll through a lot of text in search of what they are looking for. Statistics have shown, that 96% of users watch videos to explore the product in more details. 76% said, the video convinced them to buy the product and so on… Enough reasons to think about placing more videos on your page?


Nothing new here either and we already talked about this in an earlier blog. Also here we think about pushing it further than in 2019. Elements like

  • hidden navigation bar
  • minimum of colors
  • minimum of buttons

and more will help to go this extra step. Your page should be simple and easy to read, so that your customers can scan through your page and quickly find what they want.

Give your page a new look going forward into 2020

G-Graphic Solutions can help you giving your website the new and fresh look to attract new customers in 2020. Get ready now, so your website can be live and ready for the New Year. Give us a call 407-494-6166 or contact us through our contact page. We are looking forward to hearing from you.